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Affiliate Program Application Form

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate of Ultimate Superfoods?

If you have a presence on the web and would like to refer users to Ultimate Superfoods, we now have affiliate programs opening in CA, WA, HI, CO, and NH as an avenue to help you grow your business, and promote the lifestyle transformation we share in common.

If we accept your application for the program the entire range of Ultimate Superfoods will be available to your customers. For promotional support will even provide you with banners and links to display on your website. In exchange, we offer 5% of every qualified sale made from your referral to Ultimate Superfoods for 24-Months per lead.

What do we use to track sales made by affiliates?

We utilize a 30 day tracking cookie to establish referred accounts made through our Affiliate links.  Sales associated with an active cookie, created from the affiliate banner or link, will be validated, and 5% of the sales, less shipping and returns, will be added to your account for payout per our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

How to get started?

It’s simple. Fill out the form below and submit. Once we have received and reviewed your application, we will have a dedicated Ultimate Superfoods representative contact you if you qualify.