Benjamin Zanfagna

Benjamin Zanfagna

Hi, I am Benjamin Kray Zanfagna, Ultimate Superfoods Northeast-based Account Executive. My interest in achieving and maintaining health and wellness (i.e. superfoods, holistic, and complementary medicine) is multi-generational ― I come from a family of doctors, alchemists, and chefs.

Having Italian heritage comes with a passion for good food. When I was a youngster my parents introduced my sister and I to many kinds of food preparation, including macro and microbiotics. Growing up in an atmosphere that fostered curiosity, my desire to eat well evolved, and the bar was continually raised as we sought out the freshest organic ingredients at farmers' markets and health food stores. Food enhanced every aspect of my young life, particularly my growth as a competitive athlete. Though there was, and remains much to learn, and so far I have been blessed with many great teachers. 

One lesson came while playing collegiate ice hockey at age 19 when I suffered a stroke that paralyzed my left side. A month in the hospital led to several months of physical and occupational therapy. Under the care of terrific neurologists, with love from family and perseverance, I recovered to nearly 100%. By maintaining a strict regimen of eating well, exercising mind/body/spirit, and resting, I learned to live well with residual effects. Although I could no longer play hockey, my passion for food continued and energy shifted to academics, music, and outdoor sports.

Eight years later the unthinkable occurred ― I had a second stroke in the same region of my brainstem, the consequences of which were similar to the first. During this second recovery period, in addition to the western model, care was provided by my family MD/ND (now an Ultimate Superfoods customer). Throughout recovery, the second stroke proved to be a gift that enhanced my perspective, and led to a new-found equilibrium. Since that time I have taken preventative measures to stay vibrant, and healthy, particularly with the use of superfoods in my daily routine.

In 2010 with my interest in health, and wellness cresting, I attended Natural Products Expo East in Boston, MA where I met many beautiful people, and gathered countless resources. Most of all I was drawn to the glowing, and knowledgeable staff of Ultimate Superfoods. While sharing a meal with them at a nearby raw vegan restaurant, I mentioned that if they ever needed an East-coast representative, I would be a great choice. A few months later the process of joining Ultimate Superfoods began, and the rest is history.

Everyday I love learning from my teammates, and customers alike. Ultimate Superfoods affords me the opportunity to support indigenous peoples of many beautiful nations who produce the most nutrient-dense, mineral-rich superfoods on the planet; while also enhancing the health, and quality of life among local communities in my region. Whether I am working with manufacturers, retailers, yoga studios, naturopathic doctors, and other health practitioners, each interaction is deeply meaningful, and I look forward to connecting with them all!

In my free time I can be found outdoors, practicing saxophone, guitar, singing, yoga, brewing kombucha, making chocolate, pond skating, and whipping up juices and smoothies, always growing in the light direction!

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