Christian Werner

Christian Werner

What experiences brought you here?

I am a 7 time Ironman triathlon finisher. Endurance sports have always been a passion of mine.  When the opportunity came to become involved with the Ojio Sport project, I jumped right in!  The performance benefits of plant-based sports nutrition products are not just quantifiable and scientifically-verified … but they just make you feel better!


Tell us about how you spend your time with US.

The past two years here at Ultimate Superfoods have been exciting.  My position allows me to get involved with projects that I am passionate about and my days include interacting with people from across the globe.    

I handle our international business here at USF, which is growing fast!  It is amazing to see how many people across the globe share the same passion for Superfoods and want to make them available to people just as we do. We have strong relationships with customers in the UK, Switzerland, Finland,  Australia, and across the Pacific Rim (Including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan).


What about it do you love the most about your work?

Personally, I love the challenge of shipping products to customers all over the world and helping our customers abroad grow their businesses.  In some cases we are some of the first companies to import product into these countries and it’s exciting to facilitate that process!