David Cody Evans

David Cody Evans

Blessings, I am David Cody Evans, the Pacific Northwest Account Executive for Ultimate Superfoods and Ojio.  I have worked on the store side as a buyer, manager, marketing, and merchandising manager, as well as years and years of experience in product marketing and business development consulting.

I am beyond happy to get to enjoy my days working with retailers, manufactures, restaurants and other specialized industry peers to stay current on superfood trends while educating people about the most beneficial foods on Earth, all the while helping to increase customer’s bottom lines is a win-win.  What a blessing to be able to help people achieve optimum health while also sustaining and increasing success financially in their business endeavors.

Finding that perfect frequency of living in harmony with nature and thriving physically, emotionally, and spiritually are my daily, and lifetime goals. If I am not devouring some Quantum Theory, New Age, or ancient teaching books, you can generally find me practicing primitive skills with my two Jack Russells out in the Cascade Mountains, in a yoga or meditation class, at a health food store trying to make a decision on what flavor of kombucha to drink, or out doing whatever mountain sport activity is currently in season.  I am easily sidetracked with any conversion that leads to crystals, bonsai, art, or tea; but of course superfoods and nutrition are my number one passion (my boss told me I had to say that).

The spirit within me honors the spirit within you, 

Namaste and Ultimate Superblessings!

David Cody Evans

Contact David:


Email: davidevans@ultimatesuperfoods.com

Phone: 1-800-728-2066 ext. 206