Jason Argabrite

Jason Argabrite

Jason Argabrite is a Certified Nutritional Counselor and the Managing Director of Ultimate Superfoods and the creator of Ojio Sport. When he is not in the office, attending trade shows around the continent, or visiting farms and processing facilities around the world, he is also an avid runner.  Dissatisfied with most of the sports nutrition products available in the market place, Jason started tinkering with nutritional ingredients to develop a personalized nutrition program for himself.  Ultimately, his curiosity and passion led to the development of Ojio Sport.

Jason started with Ultimate Superfoods in 2009, managing both marketing and purchasing responsibilities for the start-up food company.  He was soon promoted to the Director of Sourcing, sending him around the globe in search of the World’s Most Beneficial Foods.  Since then he has traveled across North America, as well as to South America, Europe, and Asia.

When home, he has been a member of several company and friendly adult sports teams from softball to basketball, but his passion was always for endurance sports.  In 2011 he completed his first half marathon and in 2012 he completed his first full marathon.  In 2013 he finished his first obstacle race, successfully dodging zombies in San Diego’s Petco Park during “The Walking Dead Escape” obstacle course.

The Future

When not traveling around the world in search of amazing superfoods, Jason will be working hard on his future athletic goals and updating his progress here.  His future plans include getting back to the finish line of a marathon or two, adding a mud run to his resume, and training for a triathlon.  He will also continue to be one of the proud product developers and testers for all the new Ojio Sport products that come out in the future.