Notes From the President

  • Seasonal Superfoods


    There isn’t much like the warm feelings evoked during the holiday season, when the world seems wrapped in seasonal music, family meals, and genuine appreciation for one another. It is in the spirit of this sincere appreciation that I must tell you that it has been my sincerest delight to work with you, our customers. The genuine gratitude I have for your continued support is immense. So from myself, and everyone at Ultimate Superfoods, thank you whole heartedly for all you have done for us.

    The joyful buzz in the air at Ultimate Superfoods is really special, as the tinsel goes up, and secret Santa gifts appear around the office. Sure we are looking forward to spending the holidays and New Years with our families, but right now we remain dedicated to working with you towards a rich season of success. The food is super, the season is awesome, and 2014 is right around the corner. Once again thank you, and have a happy winter holiday!


    Sean C. and the entire USF crew.

  • What’s New at USF?


    Like you, we believe that the food choices one makes are the key to sustained health and vitality. When the body needs to heal from prolonged stress, illness, or even exercise, we all know food plays a critical role. This month we bring you our most healing and rejuvenating Ojio® brand superfoods, and new recipes to suit the season and taste great! Check out powerful healing ingredients like Vitamin C rich Camu Camu, Omega-3 packed Sacha Inchi oil, antioxidant-dense goji berries, and immune-boosting Coconut oil.

    As a compliment to prepared foods try our pure, potent Ayurvedic herb powder extracts, born from the Hindu doctrine of Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing modalities known. You’ll find Ojio® brand Turmeric and Mangosteen powder in our recipes, and a new beautifully packaged Ayurvedic herbs to enjoy.

    To aid in healing from vigorous exercise, we are proud to introduce our new selection of Ojio Sport flavored protein powders! We’ve now added natural chocolate and vanilla flavors to our popular organic brown rice and organic hemp protein powders, making them easy to take with just water, but even more delicious blended with nut milk and other smoothie ingredients. My favorite is our vanilla brown rice protein, mixed with banana and almond milk, the perfect recovery drink after a mountain bike ride with members of the USF team, pictured above during one of our recent rides.

    In closing, be sure to visit us at the upcoming CHFA East trade show in Toronto ON, Natural Products Expo in Seattle, WA, and Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD. At these shows you can sample our new flavored proteins and other products, receive a free gift, and learn more about how Ultimate Superfoods can assist your merchandising of The World’s Most Beneficial Foods through our in-store demo options, staff training materials, custom campaign signage programs, and other services.

    As always, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your wonderful customers!

    Sean Cassar

    President of Ultimate Superfoods, Inc.

  • Playing It Cool In July


    The heat has arrived in Southern California, and all of us at Ultimate Superfoods are now reaching for lighter meals. Personally, I have chosen the path of a plant based diet, and I have to share with you one of my absolute favorite go-to’s: SUPERSALADS!

    A bare salad, like on our cover this month, is what many people quickly settle for. With superfoods at hand and a bit of creativity, one can significantly boost protein, beneficial fats and nutrition overall in even the simplest of green fare. We encourage you to take the ‘average’ salad and make it into something SUPER with superfoods!

    This month we focused on some ideal superfood salad toppings, several of which come from our partners in the Amazon basin, like our friends pictured above with Jason, our General Manager, and myself on the right. Be sure to also try our 2oz sizes of these ingredients, which can be conveniently stored.

    To “top” it off, we all know that dressing makes a salad, so you’ll find a few of our favorite recipes throughout the Recipe section of our site. We highly recommend our Raw 100% Extra Virgin, Cold- Pressed Sacha Inchi Seed Oil as a creative olive oil replacement in some of your recipes. Not only does this raw oil contain an amazing amount of beneficial Omega-3 (negligible in olive oil) as well as Omega-9, it also adds a rich, nutty flavor and weight to salad dressings that the team here as well as our friends and family enjoy.

    As always, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve our wonderful customers!

    Sean Cassar

    President of Ultimate Superfoods, Inc.

  • A True Honor


     At the Dodger game with my friend David, my father Hugh, and my son Brayden.  Too bad they lost!


    Like 2012, 2013 has already marked record demand for our Ojio 100% Raw, Organic Coconut Oil, evidenced by our recent nomination as the best “Superfoodie” Coconut Oil in Vegetarian Times 2013 Foodie Awards! This nomination is on the heels of also being nominated in 2012 for our Organic Ribbon Cut Coconut Flakes, a true honor.

    We are sincerely grateful for your recognition here and for your loyal support over the years. Working with our grower and processor partners, we have responded to the demand for our superfoods by substantially increasing production, ensuring that an uninterrupted future supply of quality product for you is available.

    Speaking of popularity, as you likely see in your stores, the demand for Sports Fitness products peaks in the Spring and Summer months, and our Ojio Sport Organic Brown Rice, Hemp and unique Sacha Inchi protein powders are no exception!  Also try our new Ojio Sport Electrolyte Mixes, for perfect Summer hydration and replenishment.

    Last, Summer would not be complete for me personally without enjoying the fun of baseball, whether that be rooting for our LA Dodgers, or practicing ball with my son and cheering for him at game time. I hope you also enjoy your own Summer passions, living life to the fullest.


    Sean Cassar

    President of Ultimate Superfoods, Inc.

  • What's New?


    Admittedly we are a bit spoiled on the west coast during the winter, with relatively mild temperatures and no snow. But even though we don’t all have to shovel our driveways or break out the heavy coats that doesn’t mean we don’t all yearn for the wonderful blazing days of summer.

    When the sun is high and temperatures soar nothing quite quenches our thirst, or replenishes us on a warm sunny day like organic, natural, and deliciously prepared foods!  Your customers undoubtedly have the same reaction to the heat, and we are happy to be here to support you.

    We want your Summer to be the very best and we think this will be a memorable Summer. 

    We wish you a prosperous, bright and empowered season. 



    Sean Cassar

    President of Ultimate Superfoods, Inc.

  • What’s New At Ultimate Superfoods?


    Our quest to bring you The World’s Most Beneficial Foods is unwavering, and supporting your health and wellness has never been more important to us than now during the season of rejuvenation.

    To celebrate spring in a new way, we are thrilled to announce the debut of a Health and Beauty Aid product line. Like you, we believe radiant health comes from what you eat, but also from what you put on your body—please join us in welcoming the exclusive U.S. release of Mishki brand organic Peruvian skin care products.  Presenting these unique products to you under the Ojio line marks the realization of a long-term goal for both our team and me personally.

    This month you’ll find many other new products as well, including Omega-3 rich Sacha Inchi Seeds for healthy snacking, our new premium grade Yacon syrup, soy-free Ojio Coconut Aminos seasoning, our stunning new Ayurvedic herb packaging and more!

    Equally exciting is this year’s upcoming Natural Products Expo West.  We’re rolling out the red carpet with a great show, and a fun presentation of our Ojio Sport line, plus delicious food samples featuring our new products! Celebrity chef Jason Wrobel, the host of the recently aired How to Live to 100 on Cooking Channel, will also be with us to talk about creating a flavorful buzz around superfoods, while also offering creative recipe and functional benefit tips for the Ojio ingredients he uses in his most popular vegan dishes.  We look forward to seeing you there!

    From myself, and for everyone at Ultimate Superfoods, I wish you a wonderful springtime!


    Sean Cassar

  • Forty


    Hello All,

    Recently, I had the extreme pleasure of turning the big 4-0. 40 years old! Hard to believe. Instead of a big party, I came to the conclusion that a trip with my wife, without our kiddos, was exactly what the doctor ordered. Look out Italy, here we come! We visited the Amalfi Coast and Sicily. The sights and history were unreal, and the food was even better! Of course we ate lots of pizza, pasta….pasta…and more pasta.....We mixed in afternoon gelatos, and ricotta cheese filled cannolis, and Italian pastries which looked like they came from the heavens, and breads and cheeses as appetizers, and plenty of locally grown Sicilian wine to wash it all down. It was fantastic, to say the least. About four days into the trip, and at least 10 pounds of pasta later, my wife Leah pryingly asked, “How in the world do these Italian’s stay so thin after eating like this, all the time?” Good question, but I knew the answer…

    After walking around the small town of Positano for several days, it was quite easy to see firsthand how the Italian life style is so completely different than the typical American lifestyle, especially when it comes to eating habits. First off, there are no large super markets like us Americans are accustomed to, but rather small bodegas that stock fresh food brought in daily. For example, if you want milk, you’re getting unpasteurized, fresh milk, that was taken from the cow earlier that day. The cheese is locally made, with care, from the same cows. The breads were made by the Baker, the old fashion way. Fruits and vegetables are fresh, and organic, because that is the only way they grow them. There is no choice. And the same goes for the meats; all grass fed and hormone free, just the way it has always been. And of course, the huge variety of fish beautifully displayed on ice beds were all caught the previous night, right there in the big blue Mediterranean. And if you want to buy some cookies or sweets, not a problem; the only difference here is they were baked that morning, without preservatives, because there will be another fresh batch made the next morning.

    Now granted we stayed in a small town, however, in the larger cities, I noticed just about the same situation, just on a bit grander scale. Think about this….I spent the better part of a day roaming around Naples, which is definitely a large city, only to spot one McDonald’s. Yes, let me repeat, I only saw one McDonalds! Fast food is generally looked at as sub-par in Italy, even to the younger generations. It is not easy to find an obese Italian in Italy. Something to think about.

    Until next time,

  • Passion


    I love passion. I love people with passion, no matter what they have a passion for. When you find someone with passion, it radiates, and for me, it’s infectious. Think about it; most everyone can come up with at least one personal passion. Some people have lots. Some people’s passions are simple and easy to understand, like reading or hiking. And some people’s passions are more complex, like quantum physics; whatever someone’s passion is, it’s still something they adore and we understand that.

    So what’s our passion at Ultimate Superfoods? Simple. It is finding some of the healthiest, most beneficial, and purest foods from all over the world, and bringing them to you to enjoy. Our passion is to have a company with integrity and honesty…to ourselves and our customers around the world. That’s it.

    So here’s the deal with this blog…it too is quite simple. The idea is to release a new one every 6 weeks or so, to showcase the Ojio line and our partner brands, to let you know what’s new on the block, and most importantly, to bring you some great deals.

    Take some time to look it over and learn more about our products. If you have not picked up the Ojio line yet from your store, give it a shot. We pledge to you that it is what we say it is, and that we will support you as a partner so we can get these great foods into as many healthy bodies as we can. Obviously, we need your help and support. If you’re interested in an Ojio demo in your store for your customers, please let us know, and we will do our best to get one of our demo specialists there ASAP.

    And don’t forget, live everyday like it’s your last, with lots of passion!

    Sean Cassar

  • Keep it Simple


    Have you ever spoken with somebody and walked away feeling energized? Or smarter than before the conversation? Or just plain feeling good about life and its simple pleasures? This happened to me last weekend and I really enjoyed it. At my local farmers’ market, I met a curious older gentleman whom I had never seen there before. He said his name was Gus and extended a warm hand to shake mine. He had several bags of apples and oranges, some lettuce and cabbage, and a beautiful selection of fresh daisies tucked under his arm.  He encouraged me to get some of the apples; they were locally-grown, organic, and quite nice. Intrigues by Gus, I asked him about his choices for the day. He told me he’d been eating mostly organically grown fruits and vegetables for the better part of his 80 years and he was sticking with it because it has served him so well. He explained that he knew the “big and beautiful” produce offered in most grocery stores was not good- fruit never looked like that when he was a kid. He didn’t mention “non-GMO” or “pesticide-free”. He kept it simple for me and said he just knew it was not good. Gus wasn’t a health guru or a mad health nutritionist. He was a sensible person, making common sense choices. And the daisies? Those were for his lovely wife of more than 60 years. Plain and simple. I shook his hand again and walked away feeling inspired. Keep it simple.

    Now for some business talk! Don’t miss this year’s Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center, March 9-11. Ultimate Superfoods will be at booth #5201 and we would love to see you. If you come every year, we look forward to seeing you again. If you have never attended, consider coming and supporting your industry. We would love to meet you. There will be new stuff for your stores everywhere you look.

    Life is good. Enjoy it everyday. I hope to see you at the show.

    President of Ultimate Superfoods
    Sean Cassar

  • Interview with Sean Cassar


    (A brief interview with Sean Cassar, the president of Ultimate Superfoods.)

    Hi, Sean. Thanks for taking a moment to talk.

    Absolutely. You caught me after a trail ride.

    So, is this a leisure ride, or are you training?

    They’re all leisure, really, but recently it feels like it has been more like research. I’ve been trail-testing the new Ojio Sport sprouted brown rice protein powder. I guess you could say it’s the fun part of the work.

    Ultimate Superfoods and Ojio already provide healthier options for people to eat everyday. What made you want to venture into sports nutrition?

    I’m passionate about mountain biking. I ride enough, and with lots of different people. Most of them already keep a pretty healthy day-to-day diet, and they know what to eat and what to avoid. But that all seems to go out the window the moment they start their ride. Suddenly they’re grabbing whatever their local bike shop has in store, which is the easiest solution, but definitely not the healthiest. I personally was never interested in eating junk food! So we started out by developing a healthy superfood version that gave me results and tasted great at the same time. I can’t say it was easy, and the first few batches didn’t taste so good, but eventually, we got it just right. The first release is straight brown rice protein, to be followed shortly thereafter with flavored blends, and last will be the Superfood mix, which combines several specific, endurance-enhancing superfoods.

    So you want to provide a better option?

    I want to provide the best option. I want to make something that truly works, tastes the best, and is made with some of the same Superfoods that we already offer. Ojio Sport is the result of tons of researching, formulating, and testing. It really was a labor of love.

    Any other top-secret projects in the works?

    We’re always looking at new ingredients and partner products to carry. I bet Ojio Sport isn’t the only new item customers will hear about this month.