Ashwagandha Extract

Short Description

Our ashwagandha is native to India where it thrives in dry environments with little moisture. The shrub has been looked after by the communities in these areas for generations. The ideal growing conditions combined with years of experience result in a product high in antioxidants and nutrients and is easy to incorporate into food and drink.


Ashwagandha is grown throughout India where the plant is native and communities have been caring for it for generations. The plant is a short shrub in the nightshade family and only grows to about 2 ft in height. The plants leaves are about 3-4 inches in length and dull green in color. While the plant grows tiny fruit resembling a cherry, it’s the roots that are sought after, used and commonly known as Indian ginseng. When the fruits have grown and the leaves start to dry out, the roots are ready for harvesting. When the ashwagandha roots are harvested, they are cleaned, cut into small pieces and sundried. After drying, they are ground and extracted 5:1 using pure water and ethanol. The solution is then chilled and filtered numerous times, resulting in a more concentrated product. After the ashwagandha is concentrated, it’s tested and checked for quality, dried, milled and sifted.


This herbal extract is used in Ayurveda to help alleviate bodily pains and calm the nervous system. Also used to improve concentration, and revitalize the body by decreasing fatigue. Easy to use concentrated extract for teas and recipes.


Located south east of China, India is an extremely large country with diverse climates and terrains. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the middle of India, making most of India’s climate topical with unpredictable weather. The landscape ranges from miles of coastline to the Himalayan Mountains which separate the northern part of the country from China


VarietyWithania somnifera (root) [standardized to 1.5% withanaloids, 1% alkaloids]


Typical Potency per 100 grams

standardized to 1.5% withanaloids, 1% alkaloids 2,500mg

Active Concentration


Extraction Ratio