Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Short Description

Our Bacopa is native to India where it thrives in wet environments with plenty of water. The plant is aquatic and has adapted to living submerged in water where communities in these areas have used it for generations. The ideal growing conditions combined with years of experience result in a product high in bacosides which support overall health and is easy to incorporate into food and drink.


Bacopa is native to India’s marshy wet environments where communities have cared for it for generations.The plant lives in extremely wet areas and has adapted to become aquatic over time. It grows creeping vines close to the water’s surface and sprouts small, white flowers. These flowers, along with the vines are used to create the powder.
As the plant grows, the vines, leaves and flowers are harvested periodically to promote growth, making it an ongoing process. When the plant is harvested, it is cleaned, cut into small pieces and sundried. After drying, it is ground and extracted 25:1 using pure water and ethanol. The solution is then chilled and filtered numerous time, resulting in a more concentrated product. After the bacopa is concentrated, it’s tested and checked for quality, dried, milled and sifted.


As one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda, it is used for a wide variety of ailments, and daily as a general tonic. It is believed to aid cognition and memory, while decreasing anxiety and promoting longevity by bringing balance. Easy to use concentrated extract for teas and recipes.


Located south east of China, India is an extremely large country with diverse climates and terrains. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the middle of India, making most of India’s climate topical with unpredictable weather. The landscape ranges from miles of coastline to the Himalayan Mountains which separate the northern part of the country from China


VarietyBacopa monnieri (leaf) [standardized to 50% bacosides]


Typical Potency per 100 grams

standardized to 50% bacosides 50,000mg

Active Concentration


Extraction Ratio