Lucuma Powder

Short Description

Our lucuma is grown throughout the Peruvian Highlands where the plant originates and has been grown for hundreds of years by the communities in these areas. The tree can grow up to 65 feet in height and produces globous fruit, similar in shape to a lemon and in shades of brown, green and yellow. In powder form, the fruit is easy to use, can be added to almost everything and is high in iron, zinc, beta carotene, vitamin B3 and calcium.


Lucuma grows best in topical environments, making the Peruvian Highlands a perfect source. While the tree prefers a tropical climate, it does well when the temperature is relatively cool and water is abundant. The tree can reach up to 65 feet tall with greyish brown bark and grows short brown hairs at the ends of its branches and stems. The leaves are simple, oval in shape, about 10 inches long by 4 inches wide and grow small greenish white flowers between them. Lucuma fruit is round in shape with a pointed end similar to a lemon but with smooth skin that matures into shades of brown, green and yellow. The pulp is bright yellow in color, dry and creamy in texture and contains a few large dark brown seeds. When the fruit is mature, the lucuma is harvested by hand to avoid damaging the fragile skin and is sent to a nearby facility. Upon receiving, the fruit is cleaned, peeled and split open to remove any seeds. The pulp is then chopped into pieces, dried until the moisture level is extremely low, milled and sifted into a fine powder.


Lucuma powder has a light, maple like flavor and can be used in beverages, sauces, baked goods and is high in iron, zinc, beta carotene, Vitamin B3 and calcium.


Produced from fully tree-ripened lucuma fruit, grown by independent farmers in Peru. Pitted, sliced, dried, and milled to a uniform powder, without addition of carriers or flow agents.

Peruvian Highlands

VarietyPouteria lucuma
OriginPeruvian Highlands


Typical nutrition per 100g

Calories from Fat14.04
Total Fat1.56g
Saturated Fat1.01g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate80.88g
Dietary Fiber23.25g
Total Sugars36.87g
Vitamin A1959IU
Vitamin C8.05mg