Agave Syrup

Short Description

Our Blue Agave is grown in the high altitude, mineral rich soil of Jalisco, Mexico. After years of maturing, the piña’s sap is centrifugally extracted, double filtered and processed at low temperature to preserve the plant's natural integrity.


After picking, the piña is then cleaned and pressed for the juice. The agave juice is “cooked” or hydrolyzed which turns the juice into sweet nectar. When the juice is heated, the inulin turns into fructose and thickens until syrupy. The filtering process that takes place afterward determines the final product's flavor and color. The more the Agave is filtered, the lighter it is in appearance, while less filtered agave contains more plant solids, giving it a distinct amber color.


Agave syrup has floral notes of citrus and vanilla, can be used as an all-purpose sweetener and is naturally low glycemic.


Central Mexico is home to the blue agave plant, where they are grown and harvested throughout the year. It can take up to seven years for the carbohydrates in the core to become concentrated enough to harvest. When ready to be picked, the long stalks are trimmed away from the piña and discarded right in the fields. This practice helps restore nutrients in the soil and reduces erosion. 

Jalisco, Mexico

VarietyAgave tequilana
OriginJalisco, Mexico


Typical nutrition per 100g

Calories from Fat0
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate86.28g
Dietary Fiber0g
Total Sugars78.5g
Vitamin A0IU
Vitamin C1.26mg