Cacao Butter: Arriba - 5 lb

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Arriba cacao butter has a floral, chocolate scent, can be used as an external moisturizer and as a carrier oil in shampoos, lotions, soaps and more.

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Our cacao is unique to a particular part of Ecuador, where the environment creates this single variety of cacao. Through an exceptional combination of climate, soil, and sun, Arriba Nacional-Fino de Aroma is born. This cacao, prized among the international chocolate trade, can only be found in the rainforests of the low-lying La Costa Region.

Our cacao pods are harvested once mature and yellow to reddish brown in color. Each pod is split open to reveal dozens of little beans that are coated in thick white, sweet pulp. After exposing the beans and their pulp, the cacao beans start to germinate and are quickly sent to be fermented. The beans are placed in fermentation boxes, where microorganisms react with the sweet pulp, initiating the fermentation and heating up the beans. Over the next five days, a series of reactions occur, causing the pulp to break down, heat up and ultimately kill the bean. This process breaks down the bean’s cell wall and results in chemical changes that are responsible for the flavor and color.

Most companies will roast the beans which destroys a lot of natural flavor and nutrients the plant took so long to develop. We believe these flavors and nutrients are important and something to be enjoyed, so instead of roasting, we remove the shell and gently crush the bean into nibs. The nibs are melted into a thick paste and pressed to separate the solids (cacao powder) from the liquids (cacao butter) resulting in a pure, simple yet exceptionally flavorful and aromatic butter.

The La Costa Region in Ecuador sweeps from the Pacific Ocean in the west, to the base of the towering Andes Mountains in the East. The region is a composition of ample plains, hills, several types of forests and crystal clear rivers.


Arriba Nacional Fino de Aroma


La Costa Region, Ecuador

La Costa Region, Ecuador