Fleur De Sel

Short Description

Our Fleur de Sel (flower of salt in French) is formed off the coast of France in regions where seawater is evaporated by the sun and air, revealing the salt flats underneath. The salt is hand shaved off the flats and sun dried by locals the same way it has been since the 17th century. The salt from this area is mineral rich and has much more complex flavor than conventional table salt.


Fleur del Sel comes from regions off the coast of France where the wind and sun evaporate seawater, leaving behind light and delicate flakes of salt. The salt can only be collected when the conditions are just right, and requires plenty of sun, light but frequent winds, and dry air. When the enough water has evaporated, it leaves behind salt crystals that resemble flower like patterns in the salt crust. The salt is extremely delicate, and must be harvested by hand, which results in each salt marsh only producing just over two pounds a day. After the salt has been harvested it is carefully sundried again, and packed.


Use Fleur de Sel on vegetables, in sauces and dips, in baked goods, and on finished dishes for a wonderfully complex flavor enhancement.


The Guérande Peninsula is an area in western France surrounded by the ocean. The peninsula is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and overlooks the “Pays Blanc” named after the salt marshes. Guérande has a warm and temperate climate with a significant amount of rainfall, about 32 inches, each year.


VarietyGuerande Salt Pans


Typical nutrition per 100g

Calories from Fat0
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate0g
Dietary Fiber0g
Total Sugars0g
Vitamin A0IU
Vitamin C0mg