Ginger Root Powder

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Ginger root powder is easy to incorporate to your daily routine, can be used in drinks and recipes and contains antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial nutrients.

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Our ginger is grown throughout Indonesia in a consistent tropical climate and mineral rich soils. When the ginger is ready to harvest, the rhizome is removed from the soil, cleaned and sundried before being ground into a fine powder. Ginger root powder has numerous applications in recipes and contains antioxidants, beneficial nutrients and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger grows best in tropical environments with a wet climate and nutrient rich soil. Each year the small plant can grows psuedostems up to 4 feet in height which sprout long narrow bladed green leaves between 6-12 inches long. The flowers of the plant grow in dense conelike clusters and are white, yellow-green and pinkish-purple in color. When the rhizome is ready for harvest the stalk withers away and the rhizome is lifted from the soil. The ginger is thoroughly cleaned before being sundried, peeled, cut up, ground into a fine powder and packaged to ensure maximum freshness, aroma and flavor. 


From organically grow plants throughout Indonesia. The region’s honored, historic farming tradition combined with its moist, tropical climate form ideal, almost year-round conditions for continual harvesting of ginger.