White Mulberries

Short Description

Our white mulberries are grown throughout Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia region, where they thrive in the semi-arid climate and the rich soil. Most of the mulberry trees in this area are hundreds of years old and have been taken care of by families for generations. The dried mulberries taste mildly like honey and are high in fiber, protein and other beneficial nutrients.


White mulberries are a fast growing small to medium tree that live in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. The leaves of the tree are intricately lobed and develop small mulberries between them. When the mulberries are ripe they are light and sweet in flavor and about 1-2.5 cm in length. The mulberries usually ripen sometime between July and August. A few weeks before this time, soft nets are placed around and underneath the tree and when the mulberries are ripe, they fall off the tree under their own weight into the nets placed around them. After enough mulberries have fallen of the tree they are collected, spread out under the sun and left to dry. When they are a perfect cross between chewy and sweet they are gathered once more, sent to be cleaned, checked for quality and packed.


White mulberries have a slightly sweet, honey like flavor and can be used like any other dried fruit in salads, cereal, baked goods and are high in Vitamin C, iron and fiber.


Fully tree-ripened white mulberries, tended by independent family farmers in Turkey. Sun-dried, sorted, and partially destemmed.

Eastern Anatolia, Turkey

VarietyMorus alba
OriginEastern Anatolia, Turkey


Typical nutrition per 100g

Calories from Fat16.11
Total Fat1.79g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate78.57g
Dietary Fiber14.3g
Total Sugars46.43g
Vitamin A511IU
Vitamin C397.9mg